Anger Management in Vancouver?

If you’re seeking help for your anger management in Vancouver, you might find that even the smallest event can set you off. Maybe it happens when you’re stuck in traffic or having a conversation that’s not going well. Whatever it is, you can control your anger before it takes control of you with the help of our registered clinical counsellor, Kristina.

It’s possible to relieve your anger

Many people with anger management issues feel an immense amount of frustration. Nobody likes to live in frustration over anger in Vancouver, but Kristina can help to curb yours using special tools and techniques.

Some of these therapeutic techniques at our mental health clinic in Vancouver involve worksheets, journal writing, role-playing and discussing events and influences that may trigger your anger.

As a result, you can walk away with tools for managing your triggers to resolve issues in a healthy, stress-free manner.

What your life with anger management training could look like

Here are some of the benefits of learning how to tame your anger management problems with Kristina, our registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver:

  • Become a more empathetic person
  • Develop better judgement
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Become a better communicator
  • Build better relationships

… and much more!

Need help from a top clinical counsellor to deal with your anger in Vancouver?

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