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My name’s Kristina Sohal, a registered clinical counsellor helping people from all walks of life cope with depression, anxiety, PTSD and much more.Because each client is different, I customize each session to accommodate their personal needs with tools that actually work. But most importantly, I listen. This is the key ingredient that any successful treatment plan requires. By getting to know you, we can form a connection that’s conducive to an environment of trust and cooperation. This way you can start living a more fulfilling life, focusing on what really matters to you. To learn more about my services at my mental health clinic in Vancouver, simply fill out our no obligations form in just 30 seconds or less.

Kristina’s Areas of Treatment

Post Traumatic Stress
Anger Management/Addiction
Women's Issues
Financial Stress Management
ICBC Funded Counselling
“My healing journey was a difficult one [but with Kristina] I always felt that I had a friend who I could see every week or so […] who would be understanding, kind, patient, and help me see things in a clearer perspective. She helped me learn how to work through whatever curve ball life throws at me in a healthy way so that after my healing journey was complete I would have those skills I learned in therapy and use them in real life situations.”

“Kristina has been such a pleasure to work with throughout my healing journey. What stood out most for me was that she has a genuinely caring, patient and warm-hearted nature. I always admired how Kristina continued to check in to see how certain methods of therapy were working for me as we progressed through our sessions together.”