Overcoming Depression

Know when to seek help.

Learn coping techniques to manage your depression.

How do we overcome depression?

Over decades-old diseases can affect anyone at any age. Kristina can help you learn to cope.

Most people do not know when to seek help, or know enough about it and continue to live with depression. One of the major symptoms of depression is a fluctuation in mood much different than our usual experience in our normal and healthy life.

However this does not mean that certain circumstances cannot lead to temporary depression that requires immediate attention. A distressing change in one’s interpersonal environment, death of a loved one, divorce or financial problems — all of these can lead to depression. In these circumstances, most individuals feel that they can manage on their own and move forward with life as usual.

Think about the life-changing circumstances in your life, who has been supportive, how have you changed and/or your life changes.

Kristina works with her clients to develop new skills and coping techniques. She responds with empathy and compassion to the need of her clients. She matches these skills with the abilities of her clients, helping them to manage stress. She recognizes the importance of developing a therapeutic connection with her clients. Kristina ensures that each client feels safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment. She also lets the client decide whether there is a secure alliance between the therapist and the client for a successful healing journey.