Anxiety and Emotional Stress

It takes a lot of courage to bring yourself to counselling.


Do not suffer alone.

Are panic attacks taking over your life? Or nightmares causing you emotional stress?

Motivating yourself to take the first step and come to counselling will change your life for the better.

You may be having a hard time functioning with daily tasks, or feel others around you are waiting for you to get it together. Anxiety can make everything overwhelming. A client once said: “To me everything was fine, I do not know where these panic attacks came from and I do not know how to control them.”

Part of helping yourself is to get the help you need with a counsellor who can guide you through what you are experiencing, and educate you on your issues. Understanding that anxiety has many layers, is caused by several factors, and that everyone is different is Kristina’s speciality.


Kristina puts your counselling needs first, allowing personal growth at the client’s pace.

Kristina works with her clients to develop new skills and coping techniques. She responds with empathy and compassion to the need of her clients. She matches these skills with the abilities of her clients, helping them to manage stress. She recognizes the importance of developing a therapeutic connection with her clients. Kristina ensures that each client feels safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment. She also lets the client decide whether there is a secure alliance between the therapist and the client for a successful healing journey.

“After searching for a very long time for the right counsellor for my anxiety and OCD, I finally found one who was the perfect fit. Kristina is accommodating, professional and extremely intuitive with the needs of her clients. Her skills for finding the best form of treatment for each individual client are what I found to be the most beneficial as she knew when something didn’t seem to work, she tried another option and made sure to check in to see if they were working. She provides a completely judgement-free atmosphere which is so important when it comes to dealing with mental health concerns as many people avoid treatment based on the stigma and judgment alone. Kristina managed to help me recover from issues that I had been dealing with for years and some things that felt like I would never be able to come back from, and I know that Kristina’s amazing skills, unending compassion and genuine drive to help people have saved me from a life never truly lived”

I attended counselling sessions with Kristina from February to the end of May this year to help cope with my exam anxiety. I have had counselling in the past, which worked really well for me so I knew I had to talk to someone again this time as I was feeling all sorts of emotions, which was becoming increasingly overwhelming: I was anxious about my upcoming second attempt at my exam. I felt scared, helpless, ashamed, angry, upset and an enormous sense of loss of control after having failed my licensing exam on my first attempt. When I met with Kristina, I found it effortless to open up and slowly started to notice how my thinking started to shift; I started looking at things and why they happen in a more positive way and realized how much control I do have of my emotions. It was not an easy or a fast process, but I appreciated how talking to Kristina helped lift some of the weight off my shoulders. She found an approach tailored to my needs and by the end of my counselling sessions, I felt much better about myself. I recommend reaching out to Kristina for any issues with stress, anxiety, or any sort of emotion that you feel is overpowering you. It certainly has made a difference to me and although my exam is over, I do plan to see Kristina should I feel the need to talk to someone again.