Anxiety and Emotional Stress

It takes a lot of courage to bring yourself to counselling.

Do not suffer alone.

Are panic attacks taking over your life? Or nightmares causing you emotional stress?

Motivating yourself to take the first step and come to counselling will change your life for the better.

You may be having a hard time functioning with daily tasks, or feel others around you are waiting for you to get it together. Anxiety can make everything overwhelming. A client once said: “To me everything was fine, I do not know where these panic attacks came from and I do not know how to control them.”

Part of helping yourself is to get the help you need with a counsellor who can guide you through what you are experiencing, and educate you on your issues. Understanding that anxiety has many layers, is caused by several factors, and that everyone is different is Kristina’s speciality.

Kristina puts your counselling needs first, allowing personal growth at the client’s pace.

Kristina works with her clients to develop new skills and coping techniques. She responds with empathy and compassion to the need of her clients. She matches these skills with the abilities of her clients, helping them to manage stress. She recognizes the importance of developing a therapeutic connection with her clients. Kristina ensures that each client feels safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment. She also lets the client decide whether there is a secure alliance between the therapist and the client for a successful healing journey.