Anger Management

Start living your best life today.

Learn your triggers, implement techniques, and recover yourself.

Discover what is behind the anger, the triggers for it, and how to control it.

Counselling can be your first step to improving your daily life.

Most of the clients that Kristina has treated for help in resolving their anger issues have been men. She, together with the client, figures out the issues behind the anger, the triggers for it, and how anger can be controlled.

Therapeutic techniques involve worksheets, journal writing, role playing, and discussion of events and influences that instigate the anger. Most clients finish therapy with knowledge of the issues surrounding their anger, how to manage their triggers, and the techniques to resolve issues in a healthy manner to better their lives.

Kristina works with her clients to develop new skills and coping techniques.

Kristina’s clients learn how to communicate their emotions, feelings, and learn boundary setting. Sessions are focused on identifying strengths, challenges and goals. By practising these skills clients recover themselves and understand their role and responsibility on the road to better mental health.