Providing support to improve your mental health

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Metro Counselling provides a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings that may be causing you concerns or challenges in your personal, social or financial life.


Kristina can help strengthen your ability to cope, and provide tools for you to use and overcome obstacles.

Meet Kristina

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“My healing journey was a difficult one [but with Kristina] I always felt that I had a friend who I could see every week or so […] who would be understanding, kind, patient, and help me see things in a clearer perspective. She helped me learn how to work through whatever curve ball life throws at me in a healthy way so that after my healing journey was complete I would have those skills I learned in therapy and use them in real life situations.”

“Kristina has been such a pleasure to work with throughout my healing journey. What stood out most for me was that she has a genuinely caring, patient and warm-hearted nature. I always admired how Kristina continued to check in to see how certain methods of therapy were working for me as we progressed through our sessions together.”